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Places to eat near Devon Cliffs

There are plenty of choices when it comes to eating out at Devon Cliffs. Here are a few of our favourites.
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Devon Cliffs entertainment passes price calculator 2019

Fill in the form below to calculate what you will pay for entertainment passes at Devon Cliffs holiday park.

Calculate the price of your entertainment passes

To get the price quoted passes should be ordered from Haven at least 7 days before your holiday start date.

Passes can be purchased on-site at reception the day you arrive, but there will be an extra £2 charge per pass. Call the Devon Cliffs helpline on 01395 226224 up to two weeks prior to your holiday start date.

Please note: If you're staying for more than 7 days, you will need to calculate the price for each week individually and add them up.

Peak times for 2019 listed below

  • Fri 5th April - Thu 25th April
  • Fri 24th May - Thu 30th May
  • Fri 19th July - Thu 29th August

Is it worth buying Haven passes at Devon Cliffs?

If you enjoy live entertainment and night-life in a family friendly environment then it's definitely worth buying entertainment passes. Without passes you cannot access the show bars or the restaurant & takeaways in the complex.

If your kids are interested in playing in the arcade or using the swimming pools then it will be hard to say no when they see what the the entertainment complex has to offer.

What can you do at Devon Cliffs without passes?

If you're not the type of person or family that enjoys staying out late or playing in the arcade on a summers day, there's still plenty of areas that you can access on the park without passes.

There are several small parks and play areas freely accessible throughout the park. There's even a new outdoor gym area. The beach is of course open to all park residents and walking up and down the hill is good exercise!

If you fancy a drink or a meal, the South Beach restaurant and shop at the cliff is open to everyone. Back up at the complex there's a Spar supermarket and a Starbucks with an outdoor seating area.

It's worth noting that activities such as the Segways and the Aerial Adventure Course are chargeable anyway, so no passes are required for this. At the time of writing this the Aerial Adventure costs £16 per adult and £8 per child or pre-purchase six Haven activity passes before you go for just £36. Check direct with Haven for the latest prices.

  • The South Beach restaurant
  • The Super Market
  • Starbucks
  • The outdoor play parks
  • The beach

Entertainment passes, Funworks passes, Activity passes. What's the difference?

Entertainment passes and Funworks passes are the exact same thing, they basically give you access to the entertainment complex.

Activity passes are a more recent offering and are sold separately to the funworks passes. These passes give you access to the chargeable activities at Devon Cliffs such as archery, fencing, abseiling and the climbing wall. There are also water based activities such as the Water Walkerz and the Aqua Gliders.

Activity passes are divided into tiers. Tier 1 (£36/£40) buys you 6 passes and Tier 2 (£60/£75) buys you 12 passes. Prices are subject to change.

Please note, after buying your passes you still need to book onto activities and it is always cheaper to buy your activity passes in advance rather than on the day you need them. Book up to 3 working days before you leave to get the cheaper price.

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